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September 21, 2010 / attilashrugs

Hello world!

Prophecy, History, and Current Events: put them together, and take a step back, squint if you must, and you either get it, or you don’t.  If you don’t, I doubt you will be reading this.  If you do, and you wonder what it all means, well so do I!  Alex Jones paints a dangerous and very possible near term future.  Though he makes occasional references to he and his family’s Christianity, he does not elaborate.  Glenn Beck, is demonized by Alex as the false messenger, a Pied Piper who will lead Patriotic lemmings off a cliff, at the “right” time.  Yet, Beck recognizes that Alex’s Nightmare is a nightmare only to those steeped in the Judeo-Christian Ethic.  The coming of Global Government appears ominous only to those acquainted with Bible Prophecy, and /or to those whose knowledge of History is deep enough to fully feel the truth of the adage that “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  The average person with a minimal knowledge of history, and even less concern with the Bible and its prophecy, may well wonder “what all the fuss is about?”

After all, the concept of the Nation-State is relatively modern, arising only in western Europe in the sixteenth century.  First in England, then in France, and finally in a fit of nationalism, the entire world fell under the sovereign control of one or another nation-state.   War, has been linked with the formation of nation-states.  This is due to the bias of  history.  That which is most recent seems most important.  The ancient world, with its clashing city-states in the Mediterranean, and its clashing multicultural empires of Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indian Subcontinent, and China were quite adept at warfare too!  But the Pride of The West, with European Empires controlling a globalized trading system, suddenly imploded.  In The Great War, the pride of Europe and its advanced civilization died in the trenches.  Not only were the Powers bled white, they were stripped of the sense of moral superiority which allowed them to colonize the entire non-European portion of the globe!   After the Great War, Europeans became tentative; philosophically, morally, and militarily.   The concept of Christendom was ridiculed.  How could Christians lob poison gas shells at each other?  Europe began its long retreat.  Slowly at first, faster later.  In the wake of Christianity, the “Isms” were turned to  for unifying explanations of life and history.  Marxism, Fascism, Nazism, Stalinism, and the less obvious “progressivism” of the English speaking world came into focus.   World War II also changed the name of the Great War into the more “humble” WWI.  The higher technology of the twentieth century gave war greater weapons and caused more devastation  than had ever been conceived.   This technological advance, merely gave fuller access to the destructiveness of war.  But Europe, having lost its bearings in WWI, saw the nightmare of WWII as representing an inherent evil within The West.  Though, would anyone expect the Aztecs, or the Mongolian Hordes to forego such weaponry if they had recourse to it? European nations linked the brutality of WWII to two causes; the system of nation states themselves, and modern technological civilization.   Though the ancients made war every bit as devastating as the moderns, the bias of recentness swayed Europe to believe that nationhood and technology were too dangerous for humanity.  The Philosophers and Academics all raised each other in pronouncing the various Evils perpetrated by Western Civilization.   A perverse pride in confession of shame radiated like poison out of the Universities Of Europe.  The Rationalism of the West, ferreted out secrets of nature over the course of five centuries,and enlightened a dark and superstitious world.  The seats of Scientific Societies and later the Universities, where Newton, and Francis Bacon and Copernicus  had sat, were now turned inward, and a circle of depressed men spent joyless careers looking at each other. The windows were blacked out in the final war, and they left the shutters on.  These men, embittered, and disappointed by the utter failure of The Enlightenment believed their duty lay in destroying the engines of destruction: nation-states and technology.  The self-loathing of human nature itself was the shared zeitgeist of their day.  With glee they presumed to prove that there is no distinction between Humanity and the other beasts.  They mocked the few who had any pride in the positives of Western Technological Civilization.  Art became opposed to beauty.  They have out -bid each other for the mea culpa Grand Prize.  Dramatists who created anti-heroes were accorded the status of “serious”.  Heroes were deemed “old-fashioned”, “trite” and passe. Love, hate, jealousy, and anger, all “just” due to neurochemistry.  “Love”, being just the subjective sensation of certain parts of the brain and body being stimulated became just a polite euphemism for “lust”.  Neuroscience is always in the human interest fluff pieces.  The uneducated presume that though they themselves do not know how physical atoms of a brain can think, they do believe that some “specialists” do!  If neuroscience has “proven” that everything is explicable through understanding of energy and matter then Free Will is another “myth”.  But relax, it has not even come close!

I say all this to say that unless one is aware of Bible Prophecy and how it is unfolding in our current events; or one has a depth of understanding of History that is only achieved by the curious who are self-educated.  (The schools teach history as either a dull list of dates; “nothing here to see, move along”; or as a subset of the materialistic presumptions of neuroscience.  “History” education is used as a means to an end, the end being that we are on a predetermined course.  Hegel and Marx killed the idea of historical free will.  History is merely the unfolding of the final synthesis.  Therefore only “experts” know how to guide us.  They are trying and largely succeeding to convince the multitudes that there are no mysteries.  They have “experts” and “specialists” who have proven that humans are beasts, and destructive of the earth.  They have “experts” who knowingly lie about data to keep alive “Global Warming”.  Though even now, they have retreated and have admitted an “error”.  “Warming” was a “misnomer”.  What was really meant was “Climate Disruption”, caused by humans.)

Unless one is aware of the Prophecies surrounding and End-Time Global Security System or Government; or unaware of the general course of world affairs in light of the anti-humanist intellectualism that has assumed dominance in Academia, Multinational Corporations, International Banking, and in Smiley Face Religion, a Global Government sounds OK!  Yet, Alex Jones is instinctively resisting Globalism, but never comments on why it necessarily must be a bad thing.  Glenn Beck, sees that the Evil of encroaching government is due to the loss of any meaningful relationship with God in the lives of many Americans.  But, again he does not actually state a reason why Carbon Taxes paid to a Global Government is bad, other than the taking of money from America.  He does not seem to appreciate the intrinsically evil Global System now forming.  A system that is ready to have your pay check go directly to the national government for them to decide how much you shall receive; and is developing iris and other biometric ID to track every purchase and every sale. Bible Prophecy readers know that The Beast will demand everyone take a number with part of it being 666.  And we know that those who refuse will not be allowed to buy or sell!  And between seizing our paychecks, and licensing the ability to buy and sell, the Beast is in operative mode.  Just awaiting the turn of the key.  Maybe a “Terrorist” Attack will be the trigger.  Maybe an economic collapse so frightening that like sheep people will follow any strong leader!

I am Jewish.  I expect The Messiah to come.  An actual being The Messiah, is a one-of-a-kind.  Unlike Modern mainstream Judaism, I do not believe that the Bible is referring to a Messianic “Age”.  (At Yom Kippur services I was saddened that though the Hebrew said “Moshiah ben-Jesse” (Jesse is the father of David) meaning the Messiah, from the lineage of King David, the English translation read ” Messianic Age”.  That is close to a deliberate distortion of the plain meaning of the prayer!)   Some say that The Moshiah is not a supernatural being but just a mortal man; but of course they also deny personal resurrection and believe the relevant Prophecy refers to the nation of Israel.  I believe he is the Son of God, the first fruits.  Just as Ruth and Boaz married in the season of the first fruits, Shavuot, and they were the parents of David’s grandfather; so too is the Savior the First Fruit.  “First” implies a following number.  Thus when Jews dismiss Christians as believing that Jesus is The Son Of God, and presume that they will not believe in the Jewish trend to hope for a multitude of Sons Of God, they are misinformed.  A number, equal to the number of the house of all of Israel is to be hoped!  All who treat God as a Father will be Sons! And when I say Israel, I mean the descendants of  all 12 sons of Jacob (Israel).  And I disagree strongly with mainstream Jewish belief that all the tribes are now subsumed by the term “Jew”.  Ezekial 37, proves that is false.  So, I believe that The Moshiah is the First Fruit.  He will bring the nations into knowledge of the God of Israel.  Yeshua has already done that.  If not for him, Judaism would be a tiny group of believers.  No one would have heard of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  No one would have heard of Moses, Aaron or Joshua!  Or Jonah, or Noah, or Job.  Jerusalem would be perhaps a minor ruin.  So since the world already is well acquainted with YHVK it is impossible for a “real” (Jewish) Messiah to do so!  Therefore and on many other grounds I believe Yeshua is,was, and will be The Moshiah.  Like Elimelech, Naomi’s first husband died in weakness, in poverty.  But like Ruth’s husband Boaz, (who actually was the redeemer for Naomi via Ruth) he will return in Power.  Boaz means  “In Power”.   And it was from his lineage that David was born and thus Yeshua!

I will continue studying Torah and Hebrew.  I will continue keeping up with the Parsha, (the weekly reading from the Torah, which is completed once a year) and their accompanying Haftara.  The haftara is a section from the Prophets, read along with the Torah portion.  They have been connected through thousands of years.  But, too many mainstream Jews only read those parts of The Prophets that are in the Haftara.  Thus they miss the context and continuity of the Prophet’s message.  I shall try to continue my way through The Prophets. I will comment on News, and Bible readings that seem to have importance in Prophecy.   I hope I can follow through!

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