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September 29, 2010 / attilashrugs

A Response to the Dick, Cavett, and the glib “Gadfly” persona with which he flatters himself. Socrates, he ain’t.

Oh the unsettling arrogance of ignorance! The quick throwaway lines, that to respond to would be so crass; “Sarah Palin and Curly of the three stooges”. The smug pairing of the Stooge with The Governor in a rapid-fire “demonstration” of the author’s clever wit is not meant to be parried. To even attempt to do so would be to play the Country Rube coming to the Big City.
But I usually don’t pause to fry such fish, having bigger ones at hand. It is his insouciant “droll” comments on Jesus and Genesis that made me stop and reply. “The Creationist’s Monthly” might well outsell “TIME” and Newspeak; but of course that would just be proof of the inherent stupidity of intracoastal America!
The clever man pauses on the thought of Jesus’ maternal and paternal genes, believing he is original in finding the concept of a Virgin Birth winkable! This “astounding subject” is actually ASTOUNDING! You either deny and defy it or stand by it; but do not wink at it!
“Did I mention in an earlier column my brilliant Old Testament teacher at Yale, the esteemed B. Davie Napier, saying that Genesis can be read as a poetic expression by its author of God’s creation of the world as akin to the potter’s (loving) creation of his vase? A view that gets around the awkwardness of the seven days problem and the carbon dating — and those pesky fossils.” Well, Dick, surprisingly I do not wait with bated breath your every scribbled utterance. I do not know. Did you mention in an earlier column your brilliant B. David Napier? (Oh and by-the-way “did I mention ‘Yale’?”) Why should a man who blandly dismisses Genesis, as “poetry” be thought of as esteemed? Is that a truly novel theory? Really?
Dick, the Man-About-Town, Cavett who is not Tom Wolfe, no matter whether his parents went at it “like knives” before or after a phone call or shower, gives the deliberate air of the Fop strolling the Boulevard punctuating his witticisms with taps of his Walking Stick, a risible eyebrow and a tap to the hat. Oh you dangle “pesky fossil” line as Rube Bait. Is there a bore opaque enough to snap at this? Yeah, I will.
“Pesky fossil” is a phrase that reveals the Cleverness of Dick the Gadfly. It is beyond obvious that Cavett has no caveats against Fossils, with a serious “F”. So it is the alleged Rube, me, who refers to fossils as “pesky”. Pesky. The levels of sarcasm turn in on themselves, a black hole of rhetoric! (Tom Wolfe in “I Am Charlotte….” describes Sarc 1, Sarc 2, etc.; as sophomoric sarcastic sarcasms that mock those who take them at face value. The Smile/Eye Expression Mismatch for instance.)
“Pesky”, is a tepid word. The sarcasm is that the Rube, would take issue with the notion that Fossils have established the utter lack of validity of Genesis beyond that of a Book Of Poetry, would probably not be so tepid. In Cavett’s mind, the Bible-believing hick would either “damn” the fossils as deliberate hoaxes, or be so ignorant as to be unaware of their existence. But the fossils do show evolutionary progression within each major phylum. They do not, not once, show evolution between phyla.
Dick, there are scientists who know more than you who have considered the fossils seriously. And indeed they are “pesky”. But NOT for the reasons you presume. There are fossils of single cell bacteria dating back 3.5 billion years. The molten earth cooled to the point of allowing liquid water to exist only 4 billion years ago. Therefore all the theories that claim given enough time “the possible becomes probable, and the probable becomes actual” lack one thing: time! In one half of a billion years, five hundred million years, amino acids (twenty of which are necessary to all living things, which have been found on meteorites and thus can be assumed to have been present on earth) were able to link up to in chains of several thousand to form specific proteins. And these very proteins are what cells use today to transcribe the information on DNA into RNA and from that into specific proteins. All of this occurred in one half a billion years? Then for the next 3 Billion, B! Billion, years single cell fossils are all that are found. Only and suddenly 600 million years ago, do multicellular fossils appear. And when they appear, every single Phylum that has ever existed was present, suddenly, at once. The pesky fossil record leaps from single cell life, which had formed almost as soon as the earth cooled from its molten state, to the sudden appearance of every major life form three billion years later. Not every phylum that left fossils has persisted from the Cambrian; but every phylum that exists now, originated in the Cambrian; clearly formed and conforming to their body plans. There are no zero, zilch, nada fossils showing the transformation of one phylum into another. The Pesky Fossil Record shows a Cambrian Explosion accounting for every phylum that has ever left fossils.
True science must account for this fact.

Archaeopteryx is the Fossil god worshipped as “divine” proof of Darwin. Indeed, here is a dinosaur skeleton complete with teeth, without a bill, with four clawed appendages, and feathered covered wings. The wing feathers are asymmetric in the way that aerodynamics requires them to be to allow for flight! Here is a reptile evolving into a bird! Right?

Or, that is what Orthodox Darwinist Theology states. But, Archaeopteryx might be the exception that proves the rule! The Pesky Book of Leviticus, chapter 11, verse 18 is part of a listing of birds. Twelve verses later Lev. 11:30 is part of a list including reptiles. There is one creature in both of those groups. The “Tinshemet” is listed as a bird and again as a reptile. This “missing link” was never “missing”! (See Gerald Schroeder, The Science of God, pages 95-96.)

Dick, the “Pesky” fossils are now your problem, not ours! And now let us deal with “the awkwardness of the seven days problem”, which your esteemed Yale professor got around so nicely with the “Poetic License”. Like the “pesky” fossils, the Seven (really six) Days “problem” is yours. Again citing the amazing Gerald Schroeder in Genesis And The Big Bang, and The Science of God, we will see that through a thorough understanding of Relativistic Time, the number of twenty-four hour days is in the eye of the beholder! “And the earth was tohu and bohu“ Genesis 1:2, reads the second verse of The Bible. (Ironically, today as I write, this is in the parsha for this week!) Schroeder cites Nahmanides as agreeing with the standard definition of tohu as unformed. But bohu usually translated as “void” or “empty”, is said by Nahmanides in the 13th century AD, as better translated as “chaotically filled with the building blocks of matter”. Time, whether Biblical or Post-Big Bang, starts when the initial energy of creation has dissipated enough to allow for quarks to become confined into protons. The temperature at which this occurs is known experimentally. It is a million times a million times the current average temperature of space, which is 3 Kelvin. In scientific notation a million millions is 1 X 10 to the 12th power. The background energy from that time of quark confinement has been stretched or red-shifted to that same degree. As Einstein theorized and as science has proven, “that stretching of light waves has slowed the frequency of the Cosmic Clock –expanded the perceived time between ticks of that clock – by a million million. From our perspective, running earth clocks backwards, we measure 15 billion years. Before Adam, and a particular perception, there was no “clock” tied to any particular location. Before Adam, there was only the clock looking forward! The cosmic clock ticks one one millionth of a millionth as fast as it did at its inception. From the perspective of The Creator, one minute has passed while on earth a million million minutes have passed!
“In terms of days and years and millennia, the stretching of the cosmic perception of time by a factor of a million millions, the division of 15 billion years by a million-million reduces those fifteen billion years to six days!

Dick Cavett, you can now wipe your smug “dealing with a rube” smirk of your face. The arrogance of ignorance is sometimes just too impossible for a Rube like me to ignore.

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