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October 20, 2010 / attilashrugs

Re: Paul and galatians and Circumcision

Is Paul the apostle to the Gentiles, OR to the Lost Sheep of israel who are scattered amongst the Gentile world?  Is there no room for gentiles?
Indeed, there is not only room for Gentiles in the Kingdom Of God, it is for them that the entire drama has been played out. By sprinkling the Lost Sheep amongst the gentiles, the Sheep like leavening will make the entire cake rise! Jews were blinded to Yeshua in order to keep the gates open for the completion of the age of the Gentiles. (If Jews recognized Yeshua at the time, the Kingdom would have been complete and entry closed. But, the Jews were rendered blind in this regard and it is justified because it allowed for the Promises to Joseph and the rest of Israel to be fulfilled. And that was in order to justify allowing the fullness of gentiles to enter.
From the time of the Garden Of Eden onward there has been an underlying and constantly enlarging doorway.
Recall, the creation was complete and was “Very good”. Thus even the Serpent has its role. IF A & E did not eat from the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, they would have remained in the blissful but underpopulated Kingdom of God (population 2). Though the serpent meant his action for evil, just as Joseph said to his brothers, God meant it for good! (Interesting that when Joseph is sent out to find his brothers in Shehem, and they have moved on, a man wandering in the field directs him to Dothan where they were shepherding. And thus, his brothers sell Joseph and the story goes from there. In Job, (1:7), Satan is asked by YHVH ‘from where do you come?’ Satan answers ‘from exploring the earth and wandering about there.’ So, perhaps in all 3 cases Satan or the serpent, initiating something for evil, actually turns out to be part of God’s plan for the good!)
In the verses before Eve and the Serpent’s meeting, it is said many times, almost redundantly that every “seed”-bearing fruit, every fruit with “seed”, seed seed seed! So it seems likely that the Fruit of The Tree Of Knowledge of G & E had seed also. Thus, later in the chapter, God states there will be perpetual animosity between the Serpent’s seed and the Woman’s seed. And though the Serpent’s seed will hiss at or strike the heel (Yacov!) of the Woman’s seed, her seed shall crush the serpent’s seed’s head! I believe the seed in the fruit of knowledge of good and evil symbolizes MOSHIAH!
God is expansive. He is inviting us to join Him. He has set up situations that have served to allow more and more people to have that opportunity. God so loved us that He sent His first begotten son to die. Yeshua died because God blinded the Jews as to his identity. As I said above: if they had accepted Him then, it would have been the End Of The Age! But Yeshua knew that not only would He suffer on the cross, he suffered at least as much in His knowledge of what will befall The Jews! Yeshua likened Himself to Jonah. Why did Jonah flee before God? Because as prophet he knew that through him, Nineveh would repent and not be destroyed, and that Nineveh, would rise to become the Assyrian Empire which would eventually scatter Israel! Both Jonah and Yeshua suffered in that they knew that in order for them to obey God, Israel and Judah, respectively, would suffer.
If not for the serpent: the Kingdom would have but 2 humans. If not for Yeshua’s willingness to be crucified and not come in Power and Glory at that time and be recognized and rightfully made King Of The Jews, the Kingdom would be only from Judah, and Israel would be lost forever. But with Israel amnestic and scattered, the entire world is offered the invitation. BUT, when Israel’s amnesia is ended and Judah’s blindness cured and Ezekiel 37:15 kicks in, that will be the day that he RSVP expires. And, HOW WILL ISRAEL’S AMNESIA BE OVERCOME? Joseph is the English-speaking world. There has always been connection and tension between it and Continental and predominantly Catholic Europe. (Rome by the way, is said by Jewish commentators to be descended from Edom [Esau]) America will recognize that it had been blessed and specially watched over by God, when that blessing is removed! This is what we are seeing now! Just as the Kingdom Of Israel was much greater than the Kingdom of Judah, so too is America (Ephraim) and Great Britain (Manasseh) much more powerful than the misnamed modern state of “Israel”, which should have been named Judea or Judah. And like Joseph going ahead to make a place for his brothers in the time of the famine, so too did Great Britain conquer Jerusalem and Palestine in 1917 fro the Ottoman Turks. And America has been the State of Israel’s mainstay. BUT, America will turn out to be a weak reed. And as the blessings of America are removed as in Deut. 28:15 and on, the stunning collapse will become so remarkable that only supernatural explanations will suffice. Even now, Hebraic Roots Nazarenes, or Galileans are a rising movement in what is called Christianity. But, they themselves no longer are allowing themselves to be defined by Constantine and the Council Of Nicaea, and are returning to Shabbot. They are seeking their Israelite roots! I believe the coming suffering of America will jolt a remnant to recall their status as descendants of Israel. “Jews and Joes” I have seen the phrase. Jews and Joes together, Jews knowing who Yeshua is, and the Joes knowing they ARE Israel. And the mutual antagonism that had like two magnets been repelling and keeping the door open for gentiles will close! AND THAT IS THAT!

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