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December 14, 2010 / attilashrugs

To Tree Or Not To Tree: That is a question?

Should Jews Own Christmas Trees? This question was posed in a light and joking manner, and drew forth several comments striving to produce that “wittiness” that passes for wisdom amongst the Secular Know-It-Alls. The site was The Slate.  The Slate is the virtual magazine that shares the same audience as say, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and Harper’s Magazine.  It is composed of self-styled intellectuals who pride themselves in their free thinking.  It is of course coincidence that they think alike on every question of importance.  A relative of mine has lived a life time in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  She is bright, inquisitive , reads and has opinions.  Though always wrong, she can have a conversation that is at least interesting.  She told me she belonged to a Political Discussion Group that meets weekly to discuss the major or interesting news.  I asked her if there is a wide range of opinion present.  Yes, of course, she answered.  I suspected it ranged from the Far Left to the slightly less Far Left.  She laughed and did admit that there were no conservatives there, by happenstance of course.

My answer to Slate, in regard to the question “To Tree or not to Tree” follows:

No.   Nor should anybody!

Jeremiah 10: 2 Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

3For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

4They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

Obviously the Slate readership consists of the well indoctrinated. Proudly ignorant about religion, and history, and especially and publicly bored with Religious History, you show off your mocking tone as one would a badge of honor.

I am guessing that only a small percentage of regular readers of the Slate live in what you so derisively call “fly-over country”?  And I am betting that however small that number is, it is concentrated in College and University towns.

The snide dismissal of all religion as being merely particular cultural practices involving material objects is a Straw Man argument.  This “Tree, or not a tree” question is but an inside joke amongst the “educated” elite.  It is as if the scene in Monty Python’s “Life Of Brian” of the holders of the “Sandal Of Brian” excommunicating those of “The Holy Gourd of Brian” is the Joke that “kills God”.

It is not!  It is the Joke that kills Man Made Religion.  What your sociology professors called “religiosity”, is stuffed with straw and “debunked”.

Laugh it up on Columbus Ave!  Happy Festivus Upper East Side, too!

The time of the Greek man-god “Jesus” is concluding.  The Sunday worship is soon to be revealed as the Mark of The World.  Just as your Christmas Trees, and Easter Bunnies, your Sunday Religion will  be judged.  Most of you do not believe this remotely possible.  Fine.  But some few of you do go get your wafers and wine once in a while.  Be ready to be surprised to hear  “Be gone; I know thee not!”

And my Jewish brothers and sisters, if thou longeth so, for decked out Trees, recall that you are hardly the first generation of Jews and other Israelites who have gone whoring for Asherah Trees.

As someone said, something like, technology sufficiently advanced over that of the beholder is inseparable from magic.  Consider your cell phone.  Since most of us haven’t a clue as to how they work, it is as if by magic that they do.  The entire Global Grid is dependent upon cell towers.  EVERY HIGH PLACE has Asherah poles.  And to what purpose is this 24/7 roaring river of instant entertainment, and communication?  Just what is the content?  It is ubiquitous.  It is barely clad “21” year old women gyrating and simulating pelvic thrusts of orgasm on three out of five channels at the gym.  Or it is Tide commercials that for whatever reason have taken on the mission of making liars out of mom and dad?  (There is the commercial of the “cougar” that borrowed her daughter’s shirt and stained it in a women’s night out binge of drinking, flirting, dancing, and gorging on burritos, with the juice staining the shirt.  The daughter asks the hung-over mother if she has seen her shirt.  “No” the lie, is instantly on her lips.  As if there is not even a millisecond of conscience about lying to her daughter, there is even less of any sense of remorse for her evening Bacchanal of Dionysian revelry.  Nope, she is ABSOLVED of her “sin”, by washing it out with Tide.  And the Dad, who is eating a sloppy cheesy beefy sandwich, and his son says “Mom is gonna kill you” when he spills evidence of his illicit food intake.  This commercial adds the extra motif of masculine domestication.  It shows the “fact” that men are merely boys who will be boys, and must be treated as so.  They cannot be allowed to eat what they want.  They are foolish gluttons who consist of appetite and no will.  Nevertheless, the driving drama is whether the “incriminating” evidence of his sin can be removed before his Wife returns.  Thankfully once again Tide ABSOLVES all.  And not only does dad lie straight-faced and without even a moment’s hesitation he signals to his children to collude with him!  But even here, the knowing Woman, sees the tiny drop of sauce on the boy-husband’s face, but graciously lets him know she has seen it, but since boys will be boys…

What else is beamed at us from the Asherah Trees that proudly stand in all our high places?  Every commercial that makes the case for “you deserve” the “indulgently decadent” __________ fill in the blank: chocolate, Cadillac, Cougar Life etc.  The entire cultural sewer is streaming from a million portals that sit on the high places.  Some are even made to look like trees!  There is what my family calls “The Big Tree” rest stop.  It is on the Hutchinson River Parkway, and has a huge cell tower disguised as a towering fir.

When we Americans, Joes or Jews bring in and deck out trees, we are definitely not honoring the Jewish Yeshua, nor are we honoring the Torah and the Prophets.  The choice has been one of taste for so long that we have forgotten that once it was a matter of deep significance.  The English Civil Wars were fought between those who wished to purify the faith and be rid of Pagan encrustations, and those who pined for Bells and Smells, incense, and the Christmas Trees scent.  When the Puritans reigned, Christmas was actually outlawed.  It is to this, the Puritanism upon which America was founded, that Dickens, who no doubt would have read and contributed to the Slate, referred in his portrayal of Scrooge.  Prior to the fame of his “Christmas Tale”, Scrooge was just a surname common in those parts of England that were the heart of the Puritan movement.  Dickens has created a permanent memorial to the “foolishness” of taking religion too seriously.  It is ironic that his Tale has so infiltrated the Holiday Season.  Or, it is actually not, since there is nothing Holy about this season.

The time of it being but a matter of taste however is coming once again to a close.  There will be a Day Of Reckoning.  There will be a day on which the Truth Of The Bible will overthrow The World’s Power.  The things we in this world think trivial are NOT!  The Ten Commandments clearly states to “remember” and to “keep holy” the seventh day.  Not the first.  If there was a debate in which a claim that somehow the count of the days became confused and thus Sunday is truly the seventh day, then perhaps keeping it as Sabbath might be excused.  But this is not the claim put forth by Sunday Churchianity.  There is a time soon to be upon us when each of us will have to decide where we put our faith.  Will it be with those who claim to know best, or will it be with the Word Of God?  Since it is said that wide is the path to perdition and narrow the path to the Kingdom of God, it is good policy to be vigilant against the popular trends.  X-mas Trees are not for the people of Israel, whether Jewish, or Joseph.  He who has ears to hear, hear.

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