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December 30, 2010 / attilashrugs

Israel’s Defensible Borders Depends On Who Is Doing The Defending

In regard to “Candidly Speaking: Unite on Defensible Borders” in the Jerusalem Post 12/29/10, by Isi Leibler.

The most important question is Defensible by whom?  Clearly, the character of and, the numbers of troops, their supply, their weaponry, their strategic and tactical skill, and potential allies are as important as, if not more so, than mere physical topography.

Compare the Character of the spies sent off by Moses with those by Joshua: same topography, same population of potential foes, but resulting in two very different strategic calculations.  The only difference was the Character of the Spies and the committedness and faith of those who heard their reports.

Has the Character of the Israeli people changed since the “Peace Process” was initiated?  Absolutely!  Zionism, was never as “enlightened” and socialistically secular as some would claim.  Jewish thinking in Europe was divided between the “enlightened” Assimilationists, who would limit Judaism to an accident of birth with no more meaning to them and their European neighbors than whether one liked the Yankees or the Mets; and Nationalists.  Nationalists were equally a product of the French Revolution as were the Assimilationists.  The armies of Napoleon liberated nation states from multinational empires, just as they ended medieval ghettoization of Jews within Christendom.  Only Jews were faced with the dilemma of having to choose between the two!  However with France being defeated and the Bourbons being re-imposed, the trend toward Jewish Emancipation reversed in Germany and the East.  Yet, the degree of Ghettoization and turning inward of Judaism never returned to its pre-French Revolution level.  With the weakening of the Ottomans and the opening of the possibility of returning to “Palestine”, the Nationalist Impetus arose.  Yet counter to it was the chance to finally participate as equals in the most advanced culture in Europe, Germany.  There was a trickling down into Palestine mostly from Eastern Europe, but the Assimilationist pole prevailed.  Here was the opportunity to live “normal” lives in a Liberal (by European standards) and confidently growing Germany.

World War One resulted in the defeat and break up of the German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman Empires.  The resultant nations fiercely competed to reach their maximum historical size.  Obviously their various maximums occurred in different epochs, and each zealously claimed slices of the others.  Jews, never having a geographical region in which they were the majority in any epoch, were stranded as unwelcome minorities in all the nations.

Betwee n the Wars, the Assimilationist Pole stagnated while the Nationalist Pole began to prevail.  Having lived through the great liberalization and emancipation of European Jewry, it in only in retrospect that we dare question their powers of observation.  Of course Jews will remain a dynamic constituent of Europe, they believed.  There had been several generations of middle class stability.  Rare is the person who can contemplate the ground shifting so under foot!   And then, it did.

Those who had voted with their feet for national Liberation in Palestine watched in shocked horror as the ashes of those who had put their hope in “normal” European civility, rose from chimneys across Eurasia.  The remnant of European Jewry that somehow survived industrial genocide tried to reach America.  Like their relatives who voted with their feet to create a Jewish nation in Palestine, many were those who voted with their lives earlier for the hope of acceptance in America.

So, in fact there were two categories with one sub-category.  The major categories were the Nationalists seeking to build a Jewish Nation in the ancient homeland, as opposed to the Assimilationists who sought a “Normal” life in a Liberal secular society.  This second category has the subtypes: those who put their faith in the values of the French Revolution and Napoleon, as expressed though German liberalization and those who had had enough of European unpredictability.  America, with its Constitution and its major cities teeming with minorities from the entire world seemed more promising.   The Jews in Palestine who had refused to trust in any other people for their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, survived.  The Jews in America, making their way out of the melting pot of the coastal cities became comfortably assimilated into predominantly secular suburbs.  Here they happily became Normal Americans.  Yes we visited our relatives on the Jewish Holidays and attended Synagogue on a couple of days in the fall.  America in the twentieth century was a nation busily losing our religion.  Our Puritan forebears embarrassed us, and easily we fell for the lie that they were not motivated by Religion, but merely used their religion as a cover for their land grabbing.  This kind of secularized Thanksgiving was perfect!  It was a national Holiday that Jews could join in with as thoroughly as anyone else.

After WW2, there were Nationalist Jews in Palestine, who did not expect a Normal Life.  They did not expect California on the Mediterranean.  And despite their initial self-description of secularism, the very act of returning to The Land was a statement of faith that this particular land was The Land.  And, only the Bible contains the concept of A Land for A Chosen People.  So regardless of their words, their actions were expressions of Faith in the Bible and therefore the God of the Bible.

As with so much in faith, taking the first step is the prerequisite step!  Despite angry denials of the God Of Israel, especially in those who survived the Shoa, and the Socialist Atheism of Marx, even those who did not wish to see it saw God’s Hand in History.  The series of unlikely events from the miraculous survival of 1948, and the Victorious Conquest of Jerusalem in the 1967 War, and the unparalleled strategic snatching of victory from defeat in the Yom Kippur War made even “secular Jews” believe in an actual People chosen by History.  How an impersonal idea such as History could choose a People, is not dwelled on.  But somehow living through the experience changes people.

The Generation of 1948 raised the sons who marched into Jerusalem.  And the sons who hurled the invaders of Yom Kippur back on their heels and took the war to them.  But, what of their sons?

Like Americans who found a way to survive the Great Depression without surrender of principles, and rose to the challenge of a Two Ocean War, and then stood up to Soviet pressure on Berlin, in Cuba and Korea, produced a Boomer Generation.  We were to be protected from the horrors of our parents’ life; we were to have “NORMAL Lives”.

American, and European and Israelis have all decided that they deserve Normality.  Americans have two oceans and had a massive economy and military to collapse into.  Europe had less and is even now becoming Eurabia.  But Israel cannot be a normal country.  Just in comparison to the power that America and Europe have, they have a greater leeway to fall before being overwhelmed.  Not so Israel.

So who defends Israel, matters in the calculation of what borders can be defended.  Those who seek only a “normal” state, a Western-Style Consumer-based hedonistic post-modern and post-moral nation with Tel Aviv the capital, and the coastal plain the main population center, will necessarily not defend the integrity of Jerusalem and not Judea and Samaria, or even the established homesteads called “settlements”.  In the name of Normality a narrow coastal Israel will cling to the Mediterranean, until even that comes under attack.

BUT, if a change of Spirit occurs, as evident in those who believe starting or moving a family to Judea and Samaria is a Mitzvah is to take hold that changes what the definition of a Defensible Borders is.   If Israel is to survive and thrive it must not strive to be just another decadent Western nation.  That choice is not an option.

After the Cast Lead Debacle, there is a perception that Israel is rapidly losing the will to exist.   The emigration rate is up, with people fleeing to “normal” nations.  We must make clear that the times they are a changin’!  America is now on the brink of becoming if not out right one already, a Totalitarian Security State.  Ominously, those who are pushing this upon us are the same people who are seeking Global Government.  They are using (cannibalizing) American Power as the arms and legs of Leviathan.  The Globalistas are implacably anti-Israel.

Throughout history the supranational empire has seen Israel, or the Jewish people as the intolerable proof of the existence of a Higher Power.  America in its Post Christian form is becoming anti-Israel.  The planned unity of America with NAFTA and The EU will cast America as a province of Rome, Esau, (Edom).  They will concern themselves with a Final Solution to The “Arab-Israeli” Problem, which they keep fanning.  They will promise Israel normality, (always an “if”), in return for the Internationalization of The Temple Mount, and the division Of Jerusalem into a West and an East.  Iran, and Islam as Ishmael will come up against the West and be smashed.  But we need to be wary of the one described in Daniel 9.

Many were stunned a few weeks ago to read that the PM refused to consider a “Lease” from the PA of the road between “The West Bank” and the Jordan/ Dead Sea.  Stunned, because it spoke of a Seven Year Treaty.  This is exactly the description of the End of Days Treaty that instead of ushering in “Peace and Security” will be broken half way through.  No, not this one, but soon a treaty like that will be offered Israel, much as the deal that Don Corleone offered, as a Deal That Cannot Be Refused.

Those Israelis still hopeful of Normalcy will unbelievably sign away Judea and Samaria for a few more months of peace.

But there will be an awakening.  One that has been rising in America.   The Tea Party, very much identifies with The Settlers.  We see the commonality of our foes, the Globalist Security State.  And there is a growing groundswell of believers in Yeshua who have no claim to being Messianic Jews.  Yet, they have come to regard Christianity as False Religion!  The rejection of the Church’s “Jesus” who supposedly changed the Shabbot, and the Holy Days, is seen as the creation of the Roman Catholic Church.  There is what is being called a Hebraic Roots Messianic Movement growing in America.

The pivot is JOSEPH.  Breishit has clearly made Joseph and Judah as opposite and equal.  Both have detailed stories of Grandsons born to non-Israelite women.  One is the eldest son of the Beloved, Rachel; the other is the eldest unsoiled son of Leah.  (Reuben slept with Bilha, Simeon and Levi were malevolently violent to Shechem.)  Judah was willing to sacrifice himself to become Joseph’s slave in place of Joseph’s brother Benjamin, (when the brothers were unaware that the Egyptian Vizier was Joseph).  Both received the lengthiest blessings from Jacob.   After the death of Solomon, the United Kingdom of Israel broke up.  Judah was the main tribe of the Southern Kingdom of Judea and the capital in Jerusalem.  Ephraim’s (son of Joseph) descendent took command of the breakaway kingdom that took the name Israel but also became the Northern Kingdom, of Samaria.

Many in America believe that Yeshua spoke exactly the truth when He said He came for the Lost Sheep of Israel.  The Jewish People have never been Lost!  They have always known who they are.  But with the Assyrian Exile of Samaria, the Ten Tribes were removed and forgot their identity.  Throughout Eurasia the Gospels spread. Attached to them were the books of the Torah, Prophets, and Writings!  Yeshua in fact brought Joseph’s descendents back into the Torah!

Whether true or not, (I believe it), the fact is that many, many Americans are relating to God as if they were Joseph.  They have taken upon themselves the Torah and Tanaach.  They have actively condemned Sunday worship.  Like the Puritan ancestors who saw themselves as if Israel, many now see themselves as actually Israelites.

As America becomes a more and more dangerous place to live, and “normality” is a distant memory, it will be the turn for the American Jews to make the kind of decisions the European Jews did in the last century.  I believe many will accommodate themselves to the Global Security State, but many will also make Aliyah.  And where will they go?  Obvious answer, Judea!  And when the Hebraic Josephites decide that it is time to leave Babylon where will they go?  The answer Samaria!  Jews and Joes together will be Ezekiel 37:15.  Ba yom Ha Hu: On that day, the expression “The West Bank” will be forgotten.  In addition we will turn our attention to the Gilead, and Bashon, the lands of Gad, Reuben, and half the tribe of Manasseh.  The so-called “East bank” will disappear together with the “west”.

And then we will not be interested in a Normal Life; we will be seeking an Israelite Life.

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