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January 1, 2011 / attilashrugs

EAST Bank! and WEST. Settle for the Coastal Strip; lose all!

The Hashemite Kingdom needs to rein in the illegal settlements and certainly forbid any new development, in Gilead and Bashan. These lands were given to Reuben Gad and 1/2 of Manasseh! 
In RE: Samaria, Samaria IS the extra portion given to Joseph. After Simeon and Levi responded to the taking of their sister Dinah, Jacob apparently had to fight a war to conquer the territory. It is to this that Jacob referred when he separated this parcel from the rest of Canaan and gave it to Joseph. Joseph’s second born, Ephraim was blessed by Jacob as if he were the first-born. And that land, Shehem, IS Samaria. It is the heart of the Kingdom of Israel that separated from the United Kingdom of Solomon upon the accession of his arrogant son Rehoboam. 
Ezekiel 37:15>>> makes clear that the peoples of Ephraim and Judea will remain separate until the Latter Days. Thus Ephraim is still existent, but lost. So who are they, where are they: Ephraim is the awakening individuals in American Christendom who are leaving the False Doctrine of Rome: they are returning to the Torah and understanding “Jesus” as Yeshua. I am NOT talking of “Jews for Jesus”. These are Joes For Yeshua and Elohim. 
The NAME OF THIS should be “I support Israelite Building in Judea and Samaria. (Whom is Judea being reserved for? Those Jews, who finally realize that America in Apostasy will be neither safe nor prosperous, will return to The Land. And when Ephraim comes he will be coming with the American Values and fighting spirit that built America. Imagine Torah Observant “Red Necks” motivated by Yeshua, rolling in on their 4 by 4’s. And I just had the vision of cowboys and herds of cattle, and I recalled the symbol of Ephraim, the horned bull goring the nations to the ends of the earth. It will not be long until the East Bank, with its lands suitable for cattle catches their eyes. Recall that Gad and Reuben asked Moses for the East Bank because they had vast herds and that land suited them!

And another vision: “Yee –Ha”, is it not the all-purpose “Rebel Yell” or basic red neck (whether north or south) howl? Have we not been evoking the Hebraic name of G-d in unawareness all these centuries? 
And thus is not Yahoo using G-d’s name in vane?

The Israel of the Torah is NOT, California on the Med!  Those who would surrender the heart -land of Ancient Israel to buy peace for Tel Aviv and Haifa and the Western Style decadent life-style will lose it all!  We all are settlers, sojourning in The Land.

Just as Gad, Reuben and Manasseh did not stop on the East Bank to enjoy their land, but led the shock troops across into Canaan; so too we must not allow the comfortable West Coast of the state of Israel to sit on their hands.

It is not possible to sell out Samaria and Judea for the coastal strip, that was NEVER the heart of Israel!

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