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March 11, 2011 / attilashrugs

Tamara Yonah Letter

I was disappointed in Prof. Tabor’s characterization of what he called Zionist Christians. Or which he did not call, depending upon which instant one was listening.
Indeed there is a surprisingly growing number of believers leaving the Church. “Making haste from Babylon” they might say.
You would get a better sense of the movement by listening to the pod casts of Torah To The Nations. They are available on I-Tunes, where I subscribe. And their website is professionally done.
Professor Tabor seemed utterly unable to state what it was he believed. He was more eloquent in describing that which he does not. But to get a clearer idea of this growing movement in America I will give you my sense of it.
Ezekiel 37:15 through to the end of the chapter is a good starting point, better than Hosea in this regard.
These believers in Yeshua are not merely being the reverse of “Jews for Jesus”. (In fact Jews for Jesus I was surprised to learn was a specific name for one of many different organizations of Messianic Jews of the Yeshua variety. ALL Jews are presumably Messianic by Rambam’s definition of Judaism. Chabad is Messianic Judaism of the Schneerson variety!)
But back to Ezekiel: clearly the stick of Ephraim and his associated tribes has not yet been brought to reunion with Judah and his associated tribes. As various places mention, “Israel” is used to differentiate the northern kingdom from Judah, the Southern Remnant. Ezekiel, writing in babylon was fully aware of the exile of Israel by Assyria. When one reads of the prophecies of Jacob and Moses to the Tribes it is clear that Joseph is symmetric with Judah. When one recognizes that the last 1/3 of Genesis is about the Joseph story, it is necessary to ask ourselves “why?”. If Joseph is now counted as part of the generic term Jewish People, it seems that a lot of Torah has been used to lead no where!
But look at the promises made by Jacob to Ephraim and Menasseh. The younger will be the greatest nation the world will see. It will be a commonwealth of states. (This word “commonwealth” has tricked most students. The Constitution of the United StateS creates a union out of originally sovereign states. Even our flag of Fifty stars implies a Commonwealth and evokes Hashem’s promise to Abraham that his offspring will number like the stars in heaven.) But Joseph said “Not so father, and attempted to correct his father’s hands onto the elder Menasseh. No, he younger will be the greater but the elder will be Great. “Great” is incorporated into the name of only one nation in history , Great Britain.
Jacob promises that the sons of Joseph would gore the nations to the ends of the earth. If this does not apply to Britain and America, I can not imagine any other brotherly nations doing so.
But back to Nazarene-Zionist Yeshua believing Torah Observant Israelites: This is exactly how they would describe themselves. I have NEVER heard the slightest intimation that their mission is to proselytize to the Jewish People. I believe when Yeshua returns most of Churchianity will hear him say “Be gone, I know thee not!”. (This is from the New Testament, so I do not know if you know these passages.) Imagine the look on these Sunday School anti-semites, who live worldly un-spiritual lives but claim magic power in the name “Jeezus”! “But we have worshipped in your name!” they will whine. But when I was hungry you fed me not, he will answer. “When did we not feed you?” they will desperately ask. How so ever you have treated the least of my people is how you have treated me. And why was Israel chosen? Because it was the least of people!!!
But, the Jewish People will also be amazed. As the Nations are even now beginning their death spiral, reeling about Jerusalem in drunk circles, the time is coming soon when all the powers of this world will believe that the persistence of Jerusalem in Jewish hands is the cause of all of the terrors and destructions. That will be when Yeshua will save the Jewish People. And their amazement will be inversely equal to the gentiles! They will mourn as for a first born son, when we see him coming in Glory to establish David’s Throne in Jerusalem. We will understand that like Jonah who so loved Israel that he attempted to flee Hashem to avoid being the instrument that would cause Nineveh to repent and thus become the rod in God’s hand to exile Israel. Yeshua will have been as aware of the sorrow to be done to Judah as the result of his mission. But both missions were necessary.
If Adam and Eve never ate of the Fruit, there would be a blissful kingdom of God, population 2. Hashem wants as many as possible to choose to join Him. The suffering of Israel exiled by Assyria, served to spread Israelites like leavening throughput the dough of the world. The unwillingness of the Jewish people to make Yeshua King, served to keep the door open until the full harvest could be made. Yeshua, and Judah and israel suffered to allow the full measure of the harvests to be brought in.
Yeshua will wipe away every tear. As I began with the second half of Ezekiel 37, I will end with the first. All of Israel will be resurrected: M’chaya maytim ata rav lahoshia. Matzmiach keren Yeshua! As Paul wrote in Romans, gentiles are engrafted into Israel via Yeshua. But the Church has warped that.
The current movement out of the Replacement Theology of The Church, with its pagan Sunday worship and pagan “holidays” and into true Shabbot and Torah Observance will become the great end time fulfillment of Ezekiel!
Imagine if you will: Just as Hashem told Moses that the Land will be conquered in bits so as not to allow the wild beasts to overwhelm it, so too was America conquered. Now, imagine Americans with Messianic and Torah Observant faith and belief that they are not just “like” Israelites, (as the Pilgrims did), but are in fact actually ARE Israelites settling in Samaria. BTW, many of these nazarene Israelites Lost Sheep-found, are from the Pacific Northwest and Texas. They will not be taking much ______from “Palestinians”. When I was last in Israel I asked a man if it was safe for me to visit Shechem, as I am interested in it. He said it was OK if I was American but not of I were Israeli. I was shocked and I annoyed him by exclaiming”You mean their are places in your own country you cannot go to?” That would not compute in Texan. I do not believe there is a vocabulary to express the idea that there are places one cannot visit or live in in one’s own country, in Texan language!

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