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May 11, 2011 / attilashrugs

WHY a Jewish Tea Party?

There are those of us who will no longer drink from the suicidal Kool-Aid cup. It is filled with marar, and we have already drunk to the dregs and have had ENOUGH! NEVER AGAIN, shall we passively allow that cup to be foisted upon us.
The Tea Party has blown the cover off the Globalist Enemy, and exposed the snarl under the liberal smiley face. Unfortunately because there are indeed Jews within the Globalist Conspiracy (The Rothschilds and Kissinger, and others), we must be vigilant that we do not get falsely painted with that brush.
We must be cognizant of the fact that the New World Order is rightly feared by many Evangelicals because of its association with the End Times One World Security System referred to as 666. Too few Jewish people are aware of our own Prophets and Writings. Daniel’s King of Fierce Countenance refers to this same end time globalist tyranny in which one will not be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast, 666, as found in The Book Of Revelations.
It is too painfully ironic to see Christians knowing our scriptures better than many of us, and using it to recognize the times, while we have been too involved with The World. Even worse is that there is a significant percentage of so-called Conspiracy Theorists dazzled by the Rothschild and Kissinger connections that have placed the State Of Israel and Zionism in the wheelhouse of The Conspiracy.
Unfortunately this conspiracy, like many would -be Global Hegemons, is not well disposed toward cultural particularity. One World, One Heart, One Love is a better song than a policy; especially so for a nation that is defined by its sense of particularity, such as Israel. Jews would be under constant pressure to renounce belief in the Chosen Status of B’nai Israel. And if the power of persuasion fails, we know they are not adverse from using the persuasion of power.
Far from being the nexus of the NWO, as some would have it, Israel is its target. The theater of the absurd playing now in Libya is not as confused and pointless as it appears. It would be such a relief to be able to dismiss the Obama Regime as just a bunch of inept academics jumping from error to error in economic policy, trade policy, foreign policy, security policy, military policy, energy policy etc. But, alas we do not have the luxury of that appraisal. No, this Regime is not inept; it is not flailing from failure to failure, but is checking off box-by-box the directions left by Saul Alinsky, and Clover and Pivens, namely: How To Bring Down The United States Of America, blame its failure on Free Enterprise, and shackle its power to The World’s Chariot.
There have been those who have never accepted the legitimacy of the Bourgeoisie, or as we know it, the Middle Class. The Middle Class was once the goal and haven for Jews. The “Glorious” Generals and Utopian Tyrannies have mocked America, and the English-speaking world as nations of shop keeps, and merchants. Instead of the pomp of European militarism the drab middle classes were busy improving themselves and creating wealth, instead of glorying in the power to conquer. But, despite often long odds God has smiled upon the United States, and the entire English-speaking world. Sons of grocers defeated the sons of Samurai, the sons of Junkers, and the sons of bitches who would gladly rule by might, and intimidation. Throughout the modern world, which is synonymous with the Middle Class World, the Landed Gentry and Old Money turned up their noses at “crass” ambition. But when the day came that they had to go hat in hand to the Middle Class for money to wage their endless wars, was the day they swore to be rid of us. Charles the First lost his head and crown when he forced England to choose Royalty or Parliament. The Elite learned that democracy had to be co-opted and not suppressed. (The guillotines taught them that lesson!) That was when they learned to instill envy of the middle class into their serfs. And they learned to tax the middle class to pay for bribes to the lower class in return for their votes or their pogroms.
Pogroms. Yes, because just as America is The West of the West. The Jewish People have been the canaries in the cage of the Middle Class. This is why the New World Order targets America and Israel. They seek to possess America as a demon possesses a soul. And with it they will seek to destroy the independence of Israel.
The Globalist Elite Conspiracy has made two mistakes it plans to rectify. The first was to allow the United States Of America to become independent, and then rise to become the greatest power in world history. The second was to allow The Jews a State in the British Mandate. The Cosmopolitan Money Houses of European Jewry did not accept Herzl. The Rothschilds were worried that he would cause suspicion to fall upon them, and compromise their access to the seats of power in the Multiethnic Empires of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in France and Britain. It was the multitudes of Cockney Jews in London that came out in their thousands to applaud him.
This is why it is frustrating to me to hear Alex Jones and many of his guests and supporters peal back the veneer to reveal the Global Security System, and recognize it for the evil it represents, yet be so wrong on the question of Israel and Jews. Their suspicion of One World Government is only due to their being immersed in Judeo-Christian Eschatology. Because most American Jews who are politically active are secular, and proudly secular, they have clearly not internalized a reflexive revulsion to a New World Order. Why wouldn’t a benign yet powerful international power be a good thing, they ask. This is the heart of Liberalism.

Why are so many Jews Liberals? First lets be careful with our use of words. “Liberal”, has been stolen and warped. It no longer means what it once did; i.e. a political idea in support of more Liberty. It in fact has been rendered into the opposite meaning, one in which Liberty is to be sacrificed to a presumably benign government who will more fairly care for the “underprivileged”. It is nauseating to see the degree to which they have put our very language to their purposes. “Underprivileged” is used as a synonym for “poor”. That is to make the assumption that all wealth is passed down to “privileged” descendents. “Privilege” is from the Latin for “ private law”. By accepting their terms, like “liberal” and “privileged” is to accede to their argument. If ever in History there has been a nation more dedicated to rule by equal law, it is the United States.
The Jewish “liberalism” is claimed to be due to their innate goodness and thus their championing the Underdog. Maybe. But it is likely that there is an adaptive mechanism at work as well. Liberals are likely to be anti-national and pro-international. They are likely to be against sublegal social norms as mechanisms to provide that centripetal force required for social cohesion. Jewish History explains why these positions were adaptive.
First, the question of Nationalism versus Cosmopolitanism: why liberals and therefore suburban secular Jews to be found in the anti-flag waving camp. Jews have experienced the direct and speedy evolution of nationalism to Jingoism to pogrom, too many times to ignore the connection. The very worst of the worst anti-Semitism occurred in Central and Eastern Europe. There, the Jewish people were minorities within the German, Habsburg, Russian and Ottoman Empires. Because they had no region in which they had historically ever been in the majority, they were a minority everywhere. The wealthy Jews had relatives throughout Europe and could transfer capital between the Empires in a way that few could rival. For fear of the uneducated rural nationalities, Jews were attracted to the Capitals of the Empires, or at least the capitals of the internal components. Just as Middle Classes have always been attacked by the lower classes upon the instigation of the Upper Class, Jews being the bourgeoisie par excellence, were always under suspicion in the rural superstitious countryside. The resurgence of Nationalism in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries was most pronounced in southeastern Europe, in the decaying embers of the Ottoman Empire. Serbian Nationalism lit the fuse on The Great War. The War, which ended the Empires, also put the Holy Land into the hands of the British and French. The breakup of the Empires accelerated the angry nationalism in which once conquered peoples sought to reestablish historic states all of which had periods when their borders were maximal. Greater Serbia included (to the Serbs) parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina for example. Hungary claimed the borders it had enjoyed when it was at its Zenith, despite the fact that Romania claimed much of that territory. The various nationalities angrily jostled for advantage, and angrily recalled the humiliation of being ruled from Vienna, or Berlin, or St. Petersburg, or Istanbul. And they angrily despised the Jews who had gathered in the metropolitan seats of the Multinational Empires. On both these counts the Jews were the odd man out. They had no region where they had been a majority. And they were everywhere seen as collaborators with the old Imperial Order.
Of course, those millions of Jews who wisely left Europe before or after the First World War, came to America and elsewhere, with a reason to be anxious whenever Flag Waving crowds became to boisterous, and too proud of their nation. What was adaptive in the Old World however was maladaptive in the New. America has never seen a Pogrom. Hazing of Jewish immigrants was no more brutal than that of the other ethnic groups that came over to become Americans. English, made the Irish miserable. Italians were kept in their own neighborhoods. And so too the Jews. But, as every immigrant group, within a couple of generations the children and grandchildren became American. But, Judaism is deeper than a nationality. It is a belief that our nation B’nai Israel, has been Chosen by the God of the entire Universe. Whether or not we wished for this, nevertheless, we are chosen to be the instrument through whom God’s Hand in History will be demonstrated. Whether one scoffs or not, there has been a slightly slower pace to total Jewish assimilation into America. Ironically, it is those who are the most assimilated, are also the most Liberal. Why? To be assimilated means to separate from the sublegal cultural norms of ones particular ethnicity. This was, we recall the other Pillar of Liberalism. Assimilated Jews retain their distrust of nationalism or even too much emotional Patriotism. In addition they are necessarily in favor of rendering the particularity of Judaism as obsolete. Liberals are in favor of Cosmopolitanism and against nationalism and against deep religiosity. Religiosity to the assimilated Jew is an accusation of selling-out.
American Jews and Israeli Jews have brought with them their anti-nationalism of Europe. Their secularity has prevented them from being cognizant of the Prophetic warnings against the End Time One World System. And their anti-nationalist instinct is now terribly maladaptive. Our enemies are not turning self-critical eyes upon themselves, and apologizing for living, as we seem to be doing!
Equally ironic is that the Alex Jones Conspiracy Theorists are absolutely correct on many points. But on Jews and Israel they are wrong.

It is our duty as a Jewish Tea Party, to awaken liberal Jews to the danger we are in. The NWO is absolutely opposed to the God of The Bible. And, though Christians know this, most Jews do not. And we must educate the predominantly evangelical Christian Tea Party, that the NWO is just as anti-Jewish as it is anti-Christian. America is to be rendered dependent once again upon Europe, and will be used as their Muscle to fight their battles. And the coming War against Israel will be waged with the Zombie-like corpse of America! We need to inform the Alex Clones and the Secular Left. We, America’s Jews are being set up to be fall guys for the next major “terrorism” attack. It will be blamed in terms of American support for Israel. But it will be the New World Order attacking to bring the USA deeper into the grasp of the Globalistas. The Libyan fiasco is nothing but beta testing of Responsibility to Protect Doctrine and is aimed directly at Israel.

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