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May 22, 2011 / attilashrugs

I Drink (coffee) Therefore I Write

The supreme arrogance of ignorance: despite there being counterfeit $20 bills in existence, does not mean that actual $20’s do not exist. It is possible that all of the “holy books” are collections of myths, and nonsense. It is possible that one is the actual Word of God, and the others corruptions, or traditions of encrustation. Is it True? That is not the point.

Yes true in its broad outlines, but the stories chosen to be included are those that are illustrative of what God wishes to be included in the Bible. I see it as if the Bible stories, and Prophets, are the remnant of a huge mass of Israelite, and Canaanite mythology. Like from a huge block of marble, the Bible has been carved out, and canonized based upon the alignment of the books to the Torah. The Torah was revealed to Moses, or it was not, that is irreducible. How much of it was at Sinai, and how much along the way in the Wilderness, how much was redacted in Babylon based upon understanding the previous understanding is questionable. Yet, it has been found relevant for thousands of years.
Our “mythical Jesus” is a creation of the Roman Church; you have not had the opportunity to meet his Jewish person.

None of the other ‘holy books” can demonstrate meaning at every level of scale, in a fractal like way. Thus every “jot and tittle” has meaning. Why was “this” word used instead of “that”, why has a certain abnormal spelling been retained at a specific place and faithfully replicated, for thousands of years? Like organic material, every level of magnification reveals patterns.
Unlike other “holy” books Prophecies have been included. Some were fulfilled while the Tanaach was still in construction, others since hen, and others yet to occur. There is no prophetic quality to the Koran or the Hindi Books. Only The Bible reveals the Hand of God active in the affairs of man and evident in History.

If Man created God in his image, where has our imagination come from? If everything and we are no more than particles and energy existing in space-time, where does our sense of existence come form? At what level of complexity do chemical reactions become biologic? At what level of neuronal organization does consciousness emerge? Does one neuron “think”. Is one molecule of H2O wet? Where does the Rainbow exist? God told Noah that the Rainbow is his sign to mankind forever, and that it will be a reminder for Him, not to destroy the world by flood again. Or, as I see it, not to judge mankind as a species again. But, He has judged nations. But even a nation in dire judgment is composed of individuals. And even within a time of disaster, Individuals will be free to choose God or not. The Rainbow is integral to this metaphor. It exists NOWHERE but in the visual system of a sentient conscious individual.

Are you a materialist? I do not mean that word as it used commonly to imply greed, or the seeking of meaning in amassing stuff. I mean it in the Philosophical sense: that is, that the entire universe is composed of the above mentioned Particles, Energy, Space-Time, and given enough data about the current state of everything one would be able to predict the future of everything. This worldview is the Scientistic one we have been trained to accept as “proven”.
Yet is has not!

Mind, is not explained. In fact Science is based upon the goal of constructing a model of the universe, as it would appear totally objectively, or from a vantage point outside of it. Yet, the assumption at the heart of science is that there is no such vantage point, and there is nothing other than Particles Energy and Space-Time. But the one and only thing I know for sure, for certain is that “I am”.

Science seeks to know whether or not the light goes out in the refrigerator when the door is closed. Once the door is closed, the concept of light, unobserved, makes little sense. Is unobserved light bright? NO! It is unseen.

If one could stand between two perfectly reflective mirrors and look, we would see the infinity of images in images in images deepening into time. But we cannot see it, because our very existence is in the way! We have to turn our heads and see at an angle and then the images in images curve away until they are out of view. In order to see an image, like Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Law, we must affect it. To see anything at all is to “see” the results of the photons reflected off of the object when they strike our retina. Our retina destroys the photon, and that energy is used to cause a change in shape to a complex protein, and that induces a signal that is further refined into an image we “see”. Unseen, light is not bright. Unheard the falling tree makes no sound. Untasted, the lemon is not sour. The Universe requires an observer for it to have an appearance. Thus, Knock and ye shall enter. If you refuse to see, you will not see.
This will not cause you to change your mind. I write because I drink; coffee.

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