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June 23, 2011 / attilashrugs

Who Is Ephraim?


Indeed the Tribes of Joseph, and the rest of the Tribes that had made up the Northern Kingdom called “Israel” (as opposed to the Southern Kingdom called “Judea”) were exiled by Assyria. They have become Lost to themselves. They had already engaged in apostasy prior to the Assyrian exile, (which actually was why Elohim whistled for the Assyrians to execute His judgement). They were therefore already on the way to forgetting the Mosaic Law. IN Exile, they lost their Hebrew, and mixed in with the Assyrians who in turn mixed in with the rest of the migrating tribes pouring into Europe from Central Asia. (Assyria’s power waned shortly after the conquest of Israel, and Babylon became resurgent. Assyria was centered in northern Iraq, which is a hop skip and a jump from the Black Sea and the southern Eurasian Steppe. Assyria disappears from history as well as its conquered Tribes of Israel.)

Though Joseph (Ephraim and Mannaseh) and the other tribes retained some degree of internal cohesion, they had zero recollection of their origin. (Just as many of us in America cannot name our great great-grandparents or even be sure where they were from, it is surprising how quickly national identities can be forgotten. As America grows Politically Correct we will soon be amnestic to our own history.)

If you read the promises made to Ephraim and Manasseh by Jacob in the end of Genesis it will be not too hard to understand who the two brother nations have become. Only 2 Nations in History can be called Brothers, and those two are the ones that together have gored the nations to the ends of the earth.

WHO did Yeshua come for? The Lost Sheep Of ISRAEL. Not so much the lost Jews to whom he did provide comfort and blessings, but to the Lost Tribes.

AMOS 9:8-9: 8 “Surely the eyes of the Sovereign LORD

are on the sinful kingdom.

I will destroy it

from the face of the earth.

Yet I will not totally destroy

the descendants of Jacob,”

declares the LORD.

9 “For I will give the command,

and I will shake the people of Israel

among all the nations

as grain is shaken in a sieve,

and not a pebble will reach the ground.

When “Jacob” is used prophetically, it refers to the Tribes of Joseph, or as in Ezekiel “Ephraim and the tribes associated with him”.

Yeshua’s mission was to return the amnestic lost sheep of israel to the Torah and the Elohim of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. And indeed Jewish tradition speaks of two messiahs. One is called ben Joseph, who will be the suffering rejected one. But ben Joseph which means Son of Joseph, can also mean Messiah for Joseph. Yeshua was NOT meant to be recognized by the Jewish People, that is why he spoke in parables. He said the scattered sheep recognize the voice of their shepherd. As the New Testament spread through the Mediterranean region, those who had ears to hear, heard and drank of the water of Life. Attached to this New Testament was the “Old Testament”. Miraculously YHVH orchestrated events to bring the Lost Israelites back to knowledge of Elohim. When Rome officially converted to Churchianity many Sunday-Only Churchians out-numbered the truly called Lost Sheep. But the Roman Church served its role by keeping the New Testament and the “Old” Testament intact through the Dark Ages. With the invention of the Printing Press, the Bible was translated into everyday language and people could read and those with ears to hear could still be reached despite the Vatican’s best efforts.

It was the descendent of Joseph, Great Britain that began the breaking away from Rome. And it was the Pilgrims from Britain who broke away from the Anglican Church and arrived in America who established what would become the Greatest nation in History, Ephraim.

Every single American was somehow or the other brought to this time and place for a reason. We are Ephraim if we accept that truth. Many of us believed we were gentiles who were engrafted onto the Tree of Israel via Jesus. And indeed many are. But many, maybe the majority of us are Lost Israelites who have recognized our shepherd’s voice, ourselves with Grace. Whatever religious background we came from, we never were comfortable. We all knew we had a Special Relationship with Yeshua, as sheep in his fold.

This is the generation in which many hidden things are being revealed. Soon we shall see the return Of Yeshua, and the Jewish People in the State of Israel will recognize Messiah ben David.  This is the Messiah for the remnant of the Davidic Kingdom. Recall that the United Kingdom of David and Solomon split after the latter’s death. The Northern Kingdom rejected Rehoboam the son of Solomon. The Ephraimite Jeroboam became King over Israel. The Northern Kingdom kept the name “Israel” while the Southern Kingdom kept Jerusalem and the Temple. The second coming of Yeshua will be seen as the first coming of Messiah ben David. But when it is made clear, many will mourn for the one pierced; as for a first born son. But it will be made OK. Every tear will be wiped away. This Davidic Messiah will be powerful as Boaz, compared to Elimelech who perished leaving two weak and soon to be dead sons and no heirs. The Son Of David will also be the one to tell many Sunday school goodie two shoes “Begone I know thee not!” “But didn’t we cast out demons in your name?” “I truly know thee not.”  All the anti-Jewish anti-Israelism, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism that is about to recur will not go unnoticed this time. NOT THIS TIME! Howsoever you treat those in need, is how you have treated Yeshua. Both individuals and nations this will be held to this standard.  

So, no, not all gentiles are Ephraim. Some folks who mistakenly believe they are Gentiles who have a close personal relationship with Yeshua are in fact Ephraim. This is especially so in America.  But the key point is that they were never Gentiles at all.  They were Lost Israelites, found.  But for certain there are multitudes who have no connection with Israel other than as grafted on via Yeshua.  They too will have to become members of a Tribe for there are no Israelites who are not affiliated with a Tribe.  Just as an American citizen must also be a citizen in a particular state. One further point: Since there will be 12 gates and 12 tribes in Revelations, the truly gentile Convert will be engrafted into a particular tribe. My theory is it is Benjamin. Read the last story in Judges. Benjamin is nearly wiped out, but is allowed to marry wives of other tribes to restore it to Israel. Also Benjamin is the only one conceived and born in the Land Of Israel. Benjamin is unique also for being the other tribe that remained with Judah in the southern Kingdom. Yet, Benjamin is a son of Rachel, like Joseph (and thus Ephraim and Manasseh). So to be engrafted into Benjamin means being engrafted into Rachel yet also being loyal to the Davidic lineage.

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