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September 1, 2011 / attilashrugs

Messianic Jews, Hebraic Roots Nation
I  believe Rabbi Shlomo Aviner presumed to speak of Messianic Jews of the Yeshua variety. Apparently Rabbi Akiva who believed in Bar Kokhba’s messianic credentials was not excommunicated from Judaism. Nor are the Chabadniks, who claim that Rebbe Schneerson is merely waiting the right time to transport himself to Mount of Olives, de-legitimized.

If we are expecting a Messiah who will tell the World of the God Of Israel, it is no longer possible.  Because of Yeshua that the entire world is already aware of the God Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob! Only through him are children the world over taught about Noah’s Ark and Rainbow! If not for Yeshua, would there even be Judaism? Without Yeshua, Judaism would have shriveled into a miniscule sect, similar to the current Samaritans. Christendom needed The Other. And Judaism too, perhaps moreso needed the Other. Too many Jews are merely the UnChristians; like the 7 Up ads: the un-Cola. The Other that does NOT celebrate Christmas, but does Hanukkah; the other that does not ignore Sunday worship, but ignores Saturday worship. The ones who do not eat shrimp, at home.

There are theological arguments to be made. But the most important misunderstanding is that Messianic Jews are not Christians who “happen to be Jews”. This is wrong. MJ’s keep Shabbot, Kashrut, the Feasts, and fasts.
And if you are troubled by MJ’s, grab your seat belts, for another phenomenon is building rapidly in America. People are leaving The Church! People are recognizing that The Church is a fraud. Sunday is not the Sabbath. Christmas and Easter and all the saints days are nonsense. They are keeping the “Jewish” feasts, fasts, and days. I put “Jewish” in quotes because it is more accurate to say Israelite feasts, fasts, times, moedim. And here is a real kicker, many are coming to belief that they are not merely engrafted into the Tree Of Israel as Paul has taught. They are coming to believe that they are not “Wild Branches” grafted on, but are from The Lost Tribes!  After you finish mocking, open Ezekiel 37 and read from verse 15 to the end of the chapter. (By the way, Biblical literacy amongst Messianic Israelites, Jews or Hebraic Gentiles, is extraordinarily high compared to the average American bagels, Rosh HaShonna and Yom Kippur Jews.)

What Christians did in the name of Yeshua, is for them to answer for. And they will. I will not waste your time citing chapter and verse in the New Testament because I would be shocked if any would bother looking it up. But if Yeshua was the Messiah ben Joseph, and haSatan wanted to prevent Jews from knowing this, wouldn’t he have corrupted and warped the “church”?

I am curious though about what Jewish believers believe about the stick of Ephraim in Ezekiel 37. Why do we bless our sons to be like Ephraim and Menasseh? For what great Biblical feats are they so imbued with the symbolism of strength? None. But, since the Assyrians exiled, and did not kill them, and since Ezekiel and other Prophets make definite promises that not one of these Israelite souls will be lost, that God will be like a sieve and reclaim every single one, we must ask where have these powerful nations been hiding in History?   I suggest in plain site. The Pilgrims brought Ainsworth’s Annotated Torah with them. William Bradford practiced Hebrew writing on the empty sheets in his manuscript of The History of the Plymouth Settlement. The original manuscript is covered in Hebrew letters and words. “Midbar” was written out many times as if he saw the Pilgrims as having passed through the sea and now at the edge of the Wilderness. The Pilgrims likened themselves to Israelites. But, if some Lost Tribes of Ephraim found their way into the British Isles, they would not be AS Israelites but actually would BE Israelites. Then it would make sense to bless one’s sons to be as Ephraim and Menasseh, for that would mean as strong as America!
Jacob told Ephraim that he will be a company of nations. Too many of been swayed by the British Commonwealth, who also have a role, but not here. How do you say the United States in Hebrew? Artzot Ha-Brit; no? Covenant of States! It is time to make Ezekiel 37:15 real. And to build the Temple. With an infusion of 10,000 American believers, who are mostly from the western states and fans of the second amendment relocating back to Shechem, what would that do to morale in the State Of Israel? Remember there is ZERO replacement theology here. It is an extremely sensitive subject, and any Hebraic Christians (another name for them) who would make such a claim would be drummed out. But will the Jewish People end their replacement of Joseph? For too long we have the deaf signing to the blind and the blind shouting to the deaf.
Imagine  10,000 American believers, with the belief that they are Ephraim, coming to re-settle Samaria! These are Shabbot keepers, and are as thirsty  to learn Torah as a man dying of thirst. Remember, Israel, the Northern Kingdom was conquered by Assyria before the Southern Kingdom of Judea was by Babylon. It was in the Babylonian Captivity that the entire system of prayer replacing sacrifices, and rabbis replacing priests, and synagogues replacing the temple occurred. It can therefore be said that this was when the the tribes of Judah, Simeon, Benjamin and many Levites were fused into The Jewish People, a term that is meaningless when used before this period. How much of Judaism is Oral tradition and how much is written Torah? I understand that it requires the Oral Torah to tell us how to keep shabbot. But that is actually to say, it requires the Oral Law to tell Jewish People how to keep the Shabbot in a Jewish way. Perhaps Torah is like a quadratic equation, different variables can be plugged in, and more than one answer is possible. So long as one is consistent with a practice defined by Torah, who can judge if that is the wrong way, the right way, or the only way? Perhaps Joes will have different ways of keeping Torah, much as Sephardic and Ashkenazi do today.  Jews & Joes= Ezekiel 37!

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