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April 18, 2012 / attilashrugs


Certain promises were made to Abraham that were Unconditional. In last week’s parsha, the story of Abraham taking Isaac up Mount Moriah, included two pairs of promises. But Unconditional does not mean Perpetual!
2 pairs of promises were made. 1: Number like the stars in the heaven & stand in the gates of your enemies (This refers to a Worldly Power. It is further described to Joseph by Jacob. And still further by Moses, in Deuteronomy.) 2. Number like the sand on the shore & the nations will be blessed BY you. (A non-worldly power; and interesting choice of words. Most of the places where sand is used as a metaphor for a large number it is “as the sand OF the shore”. But this is ON the shore. But the shore IS sand, where it meets the sea. This meeting zone is a variable depending on where the water level is. It is a perimeter.  Unlike the Area of a geometric shape, which is a calculated number, Perimeter is directly measured.  And it is mysterious in that the higher the resolution of the measuring device, the longer the Perimeter becomes!  For instance, the seemingly simple question “how long is the shoreline of Britain?” is unanswerable without reference to the scale.  A map with low resolution will not reveal the smallest indentations of the shore line.  Ever finer scale maps will add length to the shoreline by including smaller and smaller bays and capes.  Imagine a microscopic map!  Each grain of sand that lies at the edge of the sea is a part of the shoreline.  Despite our everyday assumption that Area and Perimeter are correlated, they are not!   Newtonian Physics works perfectly well in our frame of reference, but at extremes of velocity, acceleration, and gravitation it no longer works.  So too does the mundane correlation of Area with Perimeter breakdown as one approaches quantum dimension scale.

To number like the sands ON the shore: is an incalculable  (not incomprehensible) number.  Incalculable because it is determined by the scale of measurement, and the sea-level, and  the tides, and the constantly changing wave sizes and frequency.  Obviously this is far more complicated a description than is “to number like the stars in the heavens”.    That number though  huge is potentially countable.  The “sands” is analogous to Corporate inclusion.  If one is a member of a set which consists of all the potential number of shoreline sand grains, and simultaneously a member of the set of grains underlying the edge of the sea at any given the requirements are fulfilled.  Thus, this is likened to the Stick on which is written “Judah and his associated Tribes” in Ezekial 37.  The set of potential members are the Jews.  The subset of Jews living under the edge of the Law is the number of those who are saved Corporately.  Membership in good standing in the set “Jewish People”  is Salvation through Corporate membership.  “In good-standing” means the subset who are striving to living under the Law, to the best of their ability.  “Karat” is the ultimate punishment for a transgressor of major Laws.  It means “cut off”.  The individual is literally cut-off from The Congregation of Israel.  He has forfeited his Right to Corporate salvation.   Thus the second pair refers to Judah and the tribes associated with it. Through Judah came Yeshua through whom the Nations are blessed.) Both pairs traveled through Isaac. His sons were “supposed” to each get one of the pairs; but Esau sold his birthright to Jacob. So Jacob (Israel) retained both pairs. But the pairs were finally separated by the daughters of Laban! Rachel, the beautiful one Jacob loved, gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin. Leah the wife who he was tricked into marrying gave birth to Reuben, Simeon, Levy and Judah. There are deeper levels ( for instance Reuben finding the mandrakes, and the sons of the concubines and the daughter of Leah.). But, this is enough to show that the worldly power went to Joseph, and from him to his 2 sons Ephraim and Menasseh. And the Messianic Promise to Judah. Leah’s fourth son: (Reuben was disqualified for hanky -panky with one of his fathers concubines, Simeon and Levy for massacring the Shechemites.) Judah was to be the bearer of Moshiah.  Through Yeshua, Hamoshiah the nations will be blessed.  Yeshua is the entrance to Israel for INDIVIDUALS to enter.  He is the door through which the Individual Stars of The Heavens are blessed.  Blessed through Yeshua, the Lost Sheep  of Israel are re-acquainted with the Creator of the Universe,  the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  It is only under those conditions that the promises of Worldly Power would be made manifest.  Yes, it is nevertheless Unconditional because the Blessing through Yeshua was Unconditional.  But, its longevity is very much conditional upon obedience to the Law.

The Promise of worldly power was Unconditional but not Perpetual: see Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Those are the blessings. But they were contingent upon keeping the covenant. And if they fail to do so, the remainder of the Chapter kicks in.

America IS that power.  Look with me at the specific promises made to Abraham, passed to Isaac, and then to Jacob and finally to Joseph and his two sons.

We will be utterly destroyed but for a remnant. The remnant will awaken to their identity, and get out of her. Moving to Samaria, the ancient land of the Kingdom Of Israel after the split between Judah (Jerusalem and the Davidic dynasty) and Ephraim and the Northern Kingdom also called Samaria or Israel.
The so-called West Bank is made up of Samaria and Judah! When they who will become the remnant from America awaken they will settle in this holy area.

To both Sage, Rachel: You might be interested in “Torah 2 The Nations:
I subscribe to the podcast (free, as are most of the I-Tunes Podcasts) and listen at the gym or while walking in the woods with the dogs. Can’t say I listen to much more than say 25% of what is available, (need time to listen to Alex Jones, and Israel National Radio’s Tamar Yonah show and others.) Ironically within the same week I heard a discussion of the Cherokee/Israelite question on Tamar Yonah and T2TN! (T2TN: Torah 2 The Nations is directed at the growing movement of Bible-believing Christians who are opening their eyes to some deep contradictions between the Word and Christianity. They are seeking their Hebraic Roots, many of them believe that those “Gentiles” who are most attuned and attracted by Yeshua are in fact Lost Sheep Of Israel. Not metaphorically, but in the flesh!
There is the contradiction of Yeshua initially denying a blessing requested by a Canaanite woman saying He has come for the Lost Sheep of Israel only. Later, however, He tells His apostles to go and bring the good news to the four corners of the world. No contradiction if He and we recognize that the Kingdom Of Israel for its entire history except for the reigns of Saul, David and Solomon did NOT include Judah. The Northern Kingdom called variously “Israel” “Ephraim” “The Northern Kingdom” Samaria” etc was conquered and dispersed by Assyria in 704 BC. (Or close, I forgot,) After Solomon the remnant under the Davidic Dynasty remained in control of Jerusalem and the Temple. They were predominantly the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, Simeon and Levy, and in the late 6th century BC (580’ish, again I forgot the exact year) they were conquered by the Babylonians. Taken into captivity, the mixture of tribes developed means of worship that necessarily were independent of The Temple. (The Babylonians burned The Temple of Solomon on the 9th of the month of Av. The same day that the Romans burned the Second Temple in 70 AD!)
In Babylon the Tribes of Judah and its associated tribes (Ezekial 37), developed a new system of worship, substituting prayer for the daily sacrifices etc, and this is the origin of The Jewish People. The Babylonian Empire was conquered by the Persian/Medes under Cyrus and was eventually granted the right to return to The Land and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and the Temple. (See Daniel 9 where the time of the coming of Messiah is pinpointed in relation to the time the order goes out to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.)
The Northern Kingdom of Israel was already Lost more than 2 centuries before the Babylonian Diaspora. Judaism developed its unique substitutes for the Temple while in Babylon. Despite returning to Jerusalem and re-establishing The Temple, the framework for a parallel Synagogue/ Rabbinic structure was in place. So when the Romans destroyed the second temple in 70 AD, ( on the 9th of Av or “Tisha B’Av” in Hebrew) the Jewish People had already been evolving away from the temple centric religion. The Essenes for instance were a group that consider the Temple to be so compromised that they no longer recognized its legitimacy.
When the Romans entered the scene they attempted to co-opt the local leadership as they did wherever they went. They intrigued with the Sadducees who were the Temple big-shots. This further diminished the sanctity of The Temple which had already been corrupted by political maneuvering amongst the Cohanim (the subset of the tribe of Levy, the descendants of Aaron who were to be the priestly class.)
And this brings us to the setting where the New Testament takes place.
I do not know if the Cherokees include Jewish refugees. But they themselves claim Jewishness and tellingly do not claim to be Israelites. Therefore if true, perhaps Jews seeking freedom from the corrupt Temple, people like the Essenes sought to separate themselves, much as The Pilgrims did in 1620! And made their way to the Carolina coast. But, the DNA studies so far have NOT found any trace of the markers found in higher proportion in Jews.
But the more important question is: Who are and Where are the descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel? One thing is sure. They will not refer to themselves as Jews! As I explained above, the origin of the Jewish People and thus Jews, occurred after the separation of the Northern Kingdom from Judah. Recall the story of Joseph. When his brothers from another mother sold him into slavery, I do not believe he would have necessarily enjoyed being called Jewish!
I am a Messianic Jew. So I study the Torah. The Torah, the first 5 books of the “Old Testament” is read in portions (parsha) throughout the year. Each Parsha has a Haftara attached to it. These are sections taken from The Prophets. They either refer to the content of the Parsha, or are connected to the seasonal Festivals. The books that include all the Parsha-ot (plural) with their associated Haftara reading are called Chumash. The Chumashim (there are several different ones, each with different commentaries cited in the notes) all commonly and annoyingly anachronistically refer to all israelites as Jews. Even Abraham “is a Jew”!
The World has created a Double Replacement Theology, which has deliberately confused everything. YHVH is NOT the father of CONFUSION. But we know who is.
The Church claims it is “spiritual Israel” and has replaced Israel in all prophetic matters.
The Jewish People also claim to represent all of Israel! The standard Rabbinic line is that after the Assyrian conquest and the exile of the Northern Tribes, many individuals escaped by moving south into Judah and then melted into the population. This is surely true to some degree. But the Bible prophecies speak of Tribes not individuals. Refugees from say, Shehem, Samaria, the capital of the Kingdom of Israel, be they Ephraimite or Danites, no longer represent their tribe once they have merged into Judah. And their descendants would have gone into the melting pot of Babylonian captivity and returned as Jews. Ezekial 37 is proof that the Jewish claim to include all of the Israelites is wrong. For surely the stick of Ephraim and his associated tribes has not been brought together with the stick of Judah and his associated tribes. Therefore BOTH sticks must still exist in the world. The Jews know who they are but not who Yeshua is. The Lost Tribes know who Jesus is but do not know who they are!
This mutual blindness is about to be clarified! The Hebraic Roots movement is the beginning of the lifting of the vail from the eyes of Ephraim. The Messianic Jews are the lifting of the vail from the eyes of the Jewish people. All occurring NOW. What a time to be alive. Moshiah is coming very soon and all will be revealed and every tear wiped away.

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