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May 16, 2012 / attilashrugs

G~d who? El hu?

For Jews for Judaism the “divinity” of Jesus is a huge (and rightful) stumbling block.  But rather than the usual debate centered upon the person of Yeshua, the real answer is found through the question of  “What is this entity we call ‘G~d’?”  Mainstream Churchianity glibly equates Jesus with God.  God The Father, and God the Son.  Yet, even a quick thought must reveal that the “Son” cannot exist from the same infinite past as The Father.  A Father must have a Son, in order to be a Father!
The “Word” was with G~d from the creation.  Yes.  But the Word is the MIND.  Of what difference is there between the Mind of God and  God?  The difference between Ain Sof and all else, is the answer.   Ain Sof is the eternal unmanifested potentiality  of G~d.  Before all, there was Ain Sof.  Behind all is Ain Sof.
We debate around and round, without discussing the nature of God.  Until we are clear there, how can we either support or reject the divinity of Jesus.
Too much of our Theology is the derived solely from Scripture (+/- Talmud); without any reference to Cosmology.  We must seek to use each to define the other.,

Do Trinitarians really imagine three thrones in ethereal space for the Father The Son and the Holy Spirit?  Maybe a few Sunday cookie-eaters are happy with that understanding.

But, what of us?

Before deciding whether Yeshua was, or became one with God The Father, we need to agree this concept of G~d The Father; and to what does it refer.

IS God a wise white-bearded Man with superpowers enthroned at the highest heaven?

Is “G~d” describable?  Is “He” really a male?  God IS.  GOD IS that which precedes the Universe.

G~d is NEVER directly experienced.  As Elijah in 1 Kings 19: 11: Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. 12 After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. 13 When Elijah heard it, he pulled his cloak over his face and went out and stood at the mouth of the cave.

Though the gentle whisper asked “What are you doing here, Elijah?”  THE LORD WAS NOT IN SOFT WHISPER.  In this case, the LORD was in the meaning of the words that Elijah heard.  Then, where is the meaning?  It is NOT in the EAR, it is NOT in the Cochlear Nerve, NOT in Elijah’s Brain. It is in Elijah’s Mind. The mind/body question is a microcosm of the “G~d”/Universe question.

As Buddhists say, correctly “If you see the Buddha you must slay him.” They do not expect to kill their resurrected teacher.  The appearance of one appearing as Buddha is manifestly false; and thus must always be at odds with the Teachings.   The Buddha is the Teaching of the Buddha.  (I am referring to Pure Buddhism, without the encrustations of magic and religion of many of its practitioners.)
Moses saw that the burning bush was not being consumed.  G~d was not in the bush, the Fire, the Voice.  But for Moses to hear the meaning of the LORD, G~d caused sound waves to impact upon Moses’ eardrums; OR caused vibrations to arise in his middle ear bones. Or caused vibrations to occur in the fluid of the cochlear.  Or caused vibrations in the hair cells that line the inner cochlea. Or caused the neuron receptors of the hair cells to vibrate; or caused the Cochlear Nerve directly to fire patterns of stimulation and inhibition that were processed in Moses auditory pathway. Or, was the stimulation directly upon the Lateral Collicular nuclei of the Thalamus; or impacted upon the auditory association cortical area, and the Language center in the Left temporal lobe; or directly from the MIND of G~d to the MIND of Moses. And what does that mean? 

The mental picture of the speaker of the words in Moses’ mind was NOT the actual image of G~d.   God has no appearance without being wrapped in his cloak of actions.

We all see patterns that we attribute to G~d. But to say G~D is in the patterns is as false as Elijah saying that God was in the Wind, Earthquake or Fire. When confronted with those epiphenomena Elijah apparently knew that they were due to God but not God. (Interesting because he had fled to Horeb because of his calling lightning down upon his sacrifice to YHVH, making mockery of the Baal priests. He did not dispel any idea then that God was not the Lightning or Fire.)

Only when Ain Sof acts is it manifest. Before it acted, the earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep. If ,he earth was without form, then it is meaningless to say it existed. What would a formless earth look like? It would have no appearance. It did not even have a potential appearance. Even when formed, if there were none to see it, it had no appearance, but at least had potential appearance.

Compared to Ain Sof: Adenoi Tsavaot, Elohim, and YHVH, are mere appearances of the unseen.  Yet, even They are for the most part unseen, but inferred.

Like scientists working with radioactive compounds, or deadly viruses, slip their arms and hands into built-in arm/hand protective gloves and with them interact with the contents of the sealed chamber, so too does Ain Sof. Or if they advance to robotic arms and hands controlled from safely outside the sealed chamber, from the viewpoint of the viruses, the arms moving them are gods.  No, not the gods’ arms, but they seem to be the actual gods.  However, they in fact are several levels removed from the Intelligence guiding them.

Ain Sof is infinitely removed from where It interacts with the created world.

Is YHVH Ain Sof?  No. If YHVH is doing absolutely nothing, nor observing absolutely nothing then It is Ain Sof. Is Adenoi Tsavaot different from YHVH?  When Ain Sof becomes  a Warrior, It, become Adenoi Tsavaot.  However, these names are GLOVES.  And even these gloves wear gloves! When YHVH is being human, He is Yeshua.

When we are being Holy, we are Yeshua.

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