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July 11, 2012 / attilashrugs

Between Quantum, Physics and Neuroscience, a lot of nothing!

‎Between Quantum, Physics and Neuroscience:
“Everyone who is of truth hears my voice.” I would say he is referring to the truth he had just spoken to Pilot. “You have said that I am a Kin. For this I was born and for this I have come into the world that I might testify concerning truth. Everyone who is of truth hears my voice.” Pilot “heard” but did not hear.  He scorned the very possibility of the existence of Truth. He was the world’s first Post Modern! Or perhaps maybe there have always been those who inwardly assume there is NO TRUTH. No absolutes. Maybe our post-modern age is merely the acceptance of this point of view as the norm.

But there are those who do believe there is such a thing as The Truth; and it is to us that His voice is audible. Though The Truth is far beyond our direct observation, we see only a small spectrum of electromagnetic energy that is reflected off of the atoms of other “objects”. The “objects” are composed of atoms, and atoms are composed of vacuum with a pin pong ball on the pitcher’s mound and a tiny negative charged fruit fly circling in the bleachers. The negative electron charges on our bodies impact the electron charges of anything with substance and we feel the “pressure”.

We are watching the Real through a puppet show performed by dwellers in Plato’s Cave re-enacting what they believe the outside world is like; and we are seeing the puppets through a mirror and a video lens. Neuroscientists will claim that under us all is NOTHING no free will, Quantum Physicists will say the universe is composed of imaginary non-existent potentialities.

No wonder everyone is crazy!

But under it all, I believe there is the underlying phenomena with which we create our mental pictures.  And though nearly-nothing, compared to absolute-nothing, nearly-nothing, is infinitely denser than almost-nothing.

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