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July 25, 2012 / attilashrugs

The SEED’s Genealogy

There is a blind spot in Genesis and Tanakh to the matrilineal genealogy.  But it is traceable with very interesting results.  By following this trail we come upon explanations of otherwise inexplicable stories.

It is through the Woman, Eve that the SEED that will crush the serpent’s head is passed. Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

The SEED is (to me anyway) a Messianic promise.  In addition, I believe that since the Torah is said to be parsimonious in its word usage, the word “seed” is seeded all over the creation story.  Every fruit-bearing tree, bears seed-bearing fruit.  EVERY.  Therefore the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil too has a seed.  This is the same seed as in the woman!  The CURE for the eating of the fruit is contained in the fruit.  This SEED was passed through a specific genealogy of women.  An X-chromosome gene-like transmission it will occur in half of her daughters, and half of her sons. And of that half, it will be in half of their daughters etc.  Quickly this gene, this SEED will become rarified in the population and will become a very precious and guarded commodity.


Clearly Mrs. Terah was SEED+.  Sarah had it, and so too did either Haran and/or Nahor.  Bethuel either inherited it from Milcah from Haran from Mrs. Terah, or from his father Nahor, who inherited it from Mrs. Terah.  Lot?  Since Ruth is an important ingredient, apparently, the Moabitress, is a descendent from Lot and his daughter.  Both inherited SEED+ from Haran.  Since half of Lot’s daughters would have SEED+ perhaps the one who gave rise to the Ammonites was negative.

This is why it was urgent for Abraham to send his Agent to fetch a bride for Isaac from his family.  Rivka inherited the SEED from Bethuel.  As did Laban, and as did Leah.  I wonder if Rachel perhaps did NOT inherit it.  This is why the trick was required to get Leah married to Jacob?  And perhaps this is why Rachel died and was buried at the roadside rather than in Machpelah. And more so, this is why Jonathan ben Rachel loved David so, that he placed his own cloak, and armor on him and surrendered his kingdom in favor of David ben Leah.

And this is why MBJ is to MBD as Elimelech is to Boaz.

Recalling that only 50% of the sons of a SEED+ mother will be carriers, perhaps Judah was negative.  Thus, the very strange story insert of his marriage to the daughter of Shua (Bet-Shua???).  He arranged marriage for his elder son Er with Tamar.  But Er was wicked in the sight of the LORD.  He dies childless.  Onan spills his seed; and is killed.  The Tamar is sent away and though Shela comes of age, Judah does not send for her, (maybe he thinks she is bad luck?).  Anyway, this complex story inserted in the story of Joseph seems to have no purpose, unless it is to demonstrate the necessity of Tamar’s input.  Thus Tamar, mysterious in her origins, must be SEED+.  And so, Peretz is SEED+.  Eventually Ruth’s carrying Lot’s SEED+, marries into Peretz lineage and we have ++!  From the double positive SEED++ comes David and MBD.

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