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August 1, 2012 / attilashrugs

“Judaism’s” Foundational Event: The Revelation At Sinai Is Not Dependent On The “Three Million”

” A Rational Approach To The Origins Of Judaism” has been floating around the FB world.  Despite the comments that I disagree with everything, I really do not.  However agreement requires a mere check of “like”, or nothing at all. Disagreement requires thought.   For some reason this deeply annoyed me.  I often explore in writing, why certain articles, videos etc annoy me.  If nothing lese it organizes my thoughts.   Many others have posted favorable opinions.  I want to differentiate the belief in the Divine Origin of B’Nai Yisrael (which the Lecturer in Comparative Religions ought to know is not synonymous with the title he chose) with accepting the argument for it given here.   This lecture which so many of you find to be powerful, is a testament to the corrosive effects of modern “education”.  Clarity of thought and definitions are necessary.  To be clear I absolutely believe in the Divine Origin of B’nai Yisrael, but this argument is childish and fallacious, and unnecessarily disrespectful of other religions.
A typical secular assimilated Jew is off to college.  He studies Late 17th Century Christian Literature with a mind to knocking all religions.  And as is commonly practiced in modern academics the scope of study is so specialized that any useful generalities are lost in a sea of detail.  This makes every academic specialty an independent realm of its own, unavailable to the general knowledge seeker, and absolutely off limits for critique by those not inducted into the specialty.
He claims that people seeking religions do so by being attracted by the promises of the religion to make this life better, make one a better worker, family man or woman,  ensure a good seat in the next world, inner peace in this world etc.  But he does not include the search for Truth as even a possibility of motive.  He is so steeped in secularism that the concept of TRUTH is missing from his mental vocabulary.  The first four years of undergrad work are designed in part to remove any last remnants of Modernism that the student’s family may have inculcated despite 24/7 MTV slutorama.  They must be stripped of all tendencies to think in rationalist style, seeking The Truth, as Newton, or Galileo did.  They must be brought to the recognition that the certainty of science, morals, political philosophy, and the rising importance of individual Liberty of the Modern Age which is associated with the entity formerly known as The West, or even more formerly Christendom; has been found to be a myth.  This myth must be deconstructed and replaced with Post-Modern certainty that nothing is certain.  Newtonian Physics is seen as a myth, replaced by Relativity, and/or Quantum Mechanics.  Though physicists understand the actual relationship is that Newtonian Physics is a special case of Relativity, the Chair of Political Science does not; (nor does the Chair of Women’s Studies or Black studies nor the Gay Lesbian Queer Department).
The Professor sets up a strawman argument that is designed to bring down Revelatory Religions.  The students’ laughter is evoked at the exact correct places in his discourse as he uses the standard comedic style of cloaking ancient stories in modern garb.  These students are la’crème du la crème.  They have been thoroughly indoctrinated implicitly with the message that there is no absolute Truth, nor any absolute Morality.  Even those who at first resisted this affront to their personal beliefs were at first intimidated and then shamed at being so manipulated greedily grasped at the hand that read “NO SHAME”.  The initial skeptics became the staunchest little Stalinists.  They return home in the summer of their freshman year, seeking the slightest hint of their parents’ old-fashioned values.  Since they are second or even third generation Post-Moderns they must reach deeply to find the sins of their parents assumptions.  This generates a vicious cycle of more and more radical dispossession of commonsense.  From anti-racism, they must be apologists for black reparations and more affirmative action that is of course their own best interests.  From passively accepting Gay existence, they must work to impose its acceptance as just one more flavor of human choices, like vanilla chocolate or sodomy.  But I veer.
The canned-like laughter of the students betrays their pathetic openness to evil.  It is telling where and when the laughter is heard.  It is to be predicted anytime the lecturer voices the strawman pronouncement of revelation. His tone of voice alerts them to the fact that he is expecting them to mock the same things he does.
In particular:
All Religions have The Revelatory Story.  This phrase in intoned in such a manner as to telegraph its “ludicrous” nature.
Shaul, a nice Jewish man is struck blind on the road to Damascus.  He alone sees and hears the life story of Jesus.  He starts a new religion.  He changes his name to Paul, and he is on his way.  (Hahahahaha!)  No one else shares his revelation. Hahahaha.
Islam was founded on the basis of Mohammed having “what sounds like an epileptic fit” and wiping the foam off his mouth begins dictating bits and pieces of what will be called the Holy Quran.  Hahahahahah!  Not that I am a Muslim, but why does the occurrence of a meaningful vision in an epileptic fit preclude its validity?  Is it not possible that the person is struck by the Divine, and it is that whichresults in both seizure and revelation?  Or perhaps seizure is the mechanism used?  The perception of the experience is just as real if not more so than any other life experience.  To dismiss this phenomenon as “only” the result of brain activity, is to dismiss everything one will ever experience as “mere brain activity”.  This is glib and evident of a person who has not even tried to understand the depth of Humanity’s spirituality.

Merely Joseph Smith’s (Hahaha) name and its intonation signal “Laugh Now”.  The dutiful students (all of whom would describe themselves as very free-thinkers) laugh as one.  Yes Joseph Smith walking about the mountains in New York State came upon golden tablets and a “handy” (Hahaha) “Reformed Egyptian-English Dictionary” (Hahaha).  He uses the one to translate the other and then decides it would be “a great idea to destroy them because after translating the plates who needs them any longer!”  Hahaha.  This intonation is the standard Sarc-1 level of sarcasm as defined by Tom Wolfe in “I Am Charlotte Simmons” a novel studiously ignored by the politically correct, as it should be.
It would be ludicrous to just destroy the Golden Tablets handed him by the Angel Moroni (unmentioned by the professor).  It is just as ludicrous as Moses destroying the tablets inscribed by the Hand of YHVK, at least!
Buddha, Siddhartha Guatama alone ascended the Heavens but elected to return to us wretched souls to share his Revelation.  There are Forty-four other ascended masters, according to Siddhartha Guatama.  But this is “shown only” to him.  So he again is the Lone Seer!
Now to prove that the Lecturer was planning on taking on his own Judaism as well he trots out Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and mocks anyone for believing based on their story.  And the Professor takes a shot at the audacity of non-religion specialists for the temerity to venture an opinion at all!  The academic tyranny of Specialization is evidenced here.
All this to get to the old, “but ‘Judaism’s’ foundational event was the giving of the Torah on Sinai.  “Six hundred thousand men, so “three million ‘Jews’ (Hahaha MY turn to laugh) were encamped in the desert and all heard the LORD speak to them.
We are told by the Professor of his ninety days long attempt to figure out how this type of lie could be propagated.  If three million witnesses were there, then there are three million potential whistleblowers!  Wouldn’t it become an obvious lie, if this story were told to those who knew it did not happen?  All on had to do was ask Aunt Rose (Hahaha).
Now, despite the half hour build up, the Professor is either lying or has kept himself isolated from any Jewish apologetics!  This of course is a common justification and would not require three months (of fasting and praying in the wilderness before he received this divine revelation?) to discover!
He quickly goes off into a more academic discussion of the three types of Revelatory Lies potentially capable of tricking many people.  But before we follow his quick steps, let us consider what we might reply if we were as scientific and objective as he claims he is.  If I were truly a skeptic I would quickly have added Moses’ convenient smashing of the Tablets (as I wrote above), and the fact that actually of the “three million” witnesses present at Sinai not one was alive to enter into Ha’aretz Yisrael!  Only Joshua and Caleb remained of the witnesses at Sinai!  Oops.
The fact that “six hundred thousand” is sometimes taken to mean six hundred families by other Academics, though they typically are Theology experts seeking to demystify the Exodus story, does not seem to have entered his very tiny window onto the world.  This protects academicians from having to deal with the logical impossibly of clashing opinions among the equally enlightened post-moderns.

His quick step is to list the three possibilities of when The Revelatory Lie is introduced to the fake religions.
The Present: He launches into a “comedic” version of the Applegate/Heaven’s Gate tragedy.  By talking in the Sarc-1 voice of “yeah right!” he described how Applegate a man with history of major depressive disorder* convinced “well educated” young adults “many with advanced degrees” that they can shed this stale mortal coil and pass with him through Heaven’s Gate.  Because this horror happened in their back door the UCSD Cult “experts” research project” scientifically studied every detail of this event.  What would an expert do if not science?
(*I am citing the professor, as I have no independent knowledge here. And I don’t feel like checking it out myself.)
Unlike the Professor I am not surprised in the least that it would be “well-educated” Yuppies, if you will, that would think self-castration followed by overdosing on Phenobarbital before tying a plastic bag over ones head was a good idea.  I don’t think Joe The Plumber would be Heaven’s gate material!  But it is his cloying tone of voice, that Sarc-1 of polite understatement with the underlying sanctimonious superiority that really annoys.  Hmm yes who would think that was a good idea?  Actually he meant to say, “what lunatics would do such a thing”.  The irrelevant detail of wearing Black Nikes is a way of adding pointless detail as a way to further mock the Leader’s Instructions.  Sort of like tying Blue threads to ones Tziztis and checking them on line to the gas chamber.  That too might not “be a good idea”.
So now we have the Academically impressive sounding “The Applegate Theorem”.  I suppose this lecturer will gain tenure and a life time of dining out on that! Maybe it will find its way into some arcane academic journal that no one reads except the very small numbers of inductees in a specific specialty.  Maybe The Journal Of Twentieth Century Californian New Age Cults and Cultists will publish it and the man will have achieved immortality.  This is after all his chosen Religion.
Anyway this has become boring and I will not even lose any sleep over not learning his “bombshell”.  Or maybe I will skip to the end.

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